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Cheesepop snack

Convenience in the professional kitchen

Gouda cheese consists of about 40% moisture. During the popping process this part is almost completely extracted. This creates delicious crunchy cheese balls with a strongly concentrated cheese taste. In small quantities Cheesepop therefore gives a lot of flavor to various dishes. An additional advantage is that our pops can be stored outside the refrigerator!

Cheesepop ambiance photo
Cheesepop ambiance photo
Cheesepop snack Cheesepop snack


The application of cheese in the (professional) kitchen has resulted into surprising combinations for over hundreds - perhaps even thousands - of years. Until now, the focus has been on the variation in flavors. Besides melted cheese, there has been little focus on the structure of cheese. With our introduction of popped cheese, the possibilities seem endless again for the coming period!

Cheesepop ambiance photo
Cheesepop ambiance photo

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