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Is Cheesepop gluten-free?

Yes, Cheesepop is made exclusively from cheese and is therefore completely gluten-free.

Is Cheesepop lactose free?

Lactose is a milk sugar. The majority of the lactose disappears when making cheese. As the cheese ripens longer, the lactose content decreases further. Older cheese therefore contains even less lactose than young cheese. Cheesepop is made from young cheese varieties. These contain a very small amount of lactose, practically undetectable. That is why Cheesepop can in general safely be eaten by people with lactose intolerance (limited portions though).

Is Cheesepop carbohydrate-free?

Yes, Cheesepop does not contain carbohydrates.

Can I eat Cheesepop during pregnancy?

Both the milk used for making the cheese and our end product are pasteurized. This allows Cheesepop to be safely consumed by pregnant women.

Is Cheesepop vegetarian?

Yes, Cheesepop contains microbial rennet and is therefore vegetarian.

Is Cheesepop vegan?

No, Cheesepop is made from cow's milk and is therefore not vegan.

Does Cheesepop contain preservatives?

Cheesepop is made from 100% cheese and does not contain preservatives. Because the majority of the moisture is extracted from the cheese during the popping process, Cheesepop can be stored outside the refrigerator for a long time.

Does Cheesepop contain colorants?

No, Cheesepop doesn't contains colorants.

Is Cheesepop healthy?

Opinions differ on the exact definition of "healthy". Cheesepop is suitable for several diets (carbohydrate and gluten-free), but at the same time contains 50g fat per 100g. We therefore recommend a maximum portion size of 24g.


How can I heat Cheesepop?

Cheesepop may be even better if the pops are warm. Heat Cheesepop 3 minutes at 180 ℃. Leave them for 5 minutes before consuming. ATTENTION: the plastic cup / bag in which Cheesepop is packaged is obviously not suitable for use in the oven!

Can I boil Cheesepop?

You can not boil Cheesepop. Of course it is delicious to top your freshly cooked pasta with Cheesepop.

Packaging & Storage

How can I best store Cheesepop?

Cheesepop is best kept dark and dry. Preferably in the refrigerator, but in any case between 1-25 degrees Celsius.

Can it be stored in the fridge?

Since Cheesepop is made from 100% cheese, it can be stored in the refrigerator just like cheese. Because Cheesepop is popped and virtually no longer contains moisture, the product also stays well outside the refrigerator.

About Cheesepop

Which quality certificates does Cheesepop B.V. (the producer of Cheesepop) hold?

Cheesepop B.V. both BRC and IFS Food is certified at the highest level. BRC and IFS are globally accepted and leading quality marks.

In which countries Cheesepop is sold?

Cheesepop is growing rapidly. Currently, Cheesepop is sold in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Australia and South Korea.


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